➥ An Educational Institution that is born with the DNA of education and aims to globalize the training of people through language teaching, uniting cultures and continents.

➥ In 2017, a Athena Digital Education incorporated the Cultural Union Educational Institute, located in the Paulista Avenue region and established its headquarters in Brooklin, also in the city of São Paulo.

➥ Since then, the alliance between the Institutions has given rise to innovative educational products, developed with technology, in addition to improving the English language course, with a focus on the internationalization of students.

➥ And it is with a focus on human development that Athena Digital Education and the Cultural Union Educational Institute promote linguistic and cultural immersion, whether in a way that online or through international travel.

Centre of Excellence in the English language


➥ Offer educational solutions with proven effectiveness to the public and private sectors.


➥ To be recognized in the education segment as a leading company in innovation, which proposes simple solutions to complex problems.


➥ Transparency, innovation, tangible results, participatory cooperation and customer satisfaction.

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